MBBS in Philippines

About Philippines

  The Philippines, located in Southeast Asia, is a captivating archipelagic nation famous for its breath-taking beaches, rich cultural heritage, and welcoming people. It is well-regarded for its top-notch educational institutions and is particularly popular among students aspiring to pursue medical education. The country boasts numerous esteemed medical colleges, attracting a significant number of Indian students who are enticed by the affordable fees and promising career prospects. With English being widely spoken in the Philippines, students find it convenient to communicate and navigate through the country. Additionally, the ease of travel and currency exchange, along with a climate and disease spectrum similar to India, further make the Philippines an attractive choice for Indian students compared to other countries.

Why Philippines?

  The Top 10 Reasons for Choosing the Philippines as Your MBBS Destination:

  • Low Cost
  • English-Medium Education
  • Globally Recognized Curriculum
  • American Influence on Education System
  • High-Quality Education
  • No Donation or Capitation Fee
  • Internationally Accredited Medical Schools
  • Wide Range of Clinical Exposure
  • Excellent Accommodation Facilities
  • Good Safety Record

  • FMGE

    Why DMSF?

      Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) was founded in 1976 with the goal of addressing the shortage of healthcare professionals in Davao City, Philippines. It started as a nursing school and later expanded to offer a Doctor of Medicine degree. DMSF has since become a leading medical institution in the country, known for its comprehensive medical education program and experienced faculty. The school has significantly contributed to the healthcare sector and produces globally competitive healthcare professionals

  • Established reputation and experience in medical education
  • Accreditated by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Quality education and a comprehensive medical curriculum
  • Experienced and highly qualified faculty members
  • Extensive clinical training opportunities
  • State-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology
  • Affordable tuition fees compared to other countries
  • English-medium instruction for easy communication
  • Globally recognized MBBS degree
  • Successful track record of producing competent healthcare professionals
  • DMSF students have a consistently high pass rate in the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE)

  • Accreditations

      Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) has earned numerous global accreditations, which further established its reputation as a leading institution for medical education.

    • FMGE

      World Health Organization (WHO)

    • FMGE

      National Medical Commission (NMC)

    • FMGE

      Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)

    • FMGE

      The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)

    • FMGE

      Philippines Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges & Universities (PAASCU)- Level II

    Affiliated Hospitals

      Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) has forged strong collaborations with several hospitals in Davao City, fostering valuable connections that provide students with opportunities to explore various clinical environments and hands-on learning experiences.









    Advanced Learning Resources at DMSF

    1) Simulation Mannequins Stations

      DMSF is the first medical college in the Philippines and the second in Asia to introduce simulation mannequin stations. These mannequins replicate real-life medical situations, enabling students to practice essential procedures like CPR, intubation, and IV insertion. By experiencing realistic clinical settings, students are well-prepared for the demands of patient care in the real world.


    2) Virtual Reality Anatomy

      Through the use of VR anatomy, students have the opportunity to engage in a captivating and interactive learning experience as they delve into a meticulously detailed 3D environment of the human body. This cutting-edge technology enables students to visualise intricate anatomical structures and systems, fostering a comprehensive comprehension of the human body's complexities.

    3) 3D Anatomage & Cadavers

      DMSF holds the distinction of being the first college in the Philippines to implement the 3D Anatomage Table System, an advanced medical visualization technology. With four 3D Anatomage Tables, students can explore the complexities of the human body through a lifelike 3D virtual platform, replicating real-life scenarios for enhanced learning and clinical practice.


    4) Plastinated Models

      DMSF offers students access to an extensive collection of Plastinated models, which are preserved human bodies treated through a specialized method called Plastination. This technique involves replacing bodily fluids and fats with plastic, resulting in highly realistic representations of the human body and its intricate systems. These Plastinated models provide students with a remarkable opportunity to study and understand human anatomy in a lifelike manner.


      Kings International Medical Academy, in collaboration with Davao Medical School Foundation, offers a convenient pathway for studying medicine in the Philippines. The eligibility criteria for the MBBS program are straightforward and easy to fulfill.

  • Students must have achieved a minimum of 50% marks in their 10+2 final exams from a recognized institution.
  • They should have studied biology, physics, chemistry, or equivalent advanced subjects in their +2 education.
  • NEET qualification is necessary for those who intend to practice medicine in India in the future. Qualifying the NEET exam is a prerequisite to appearing for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) which certifies Indian students to practice medicine in India.

  •   At Kings International Medical Academy, we provide top-quality NEET coaching with comprehensive study materials and modules for each subject. Our experienced faculty employs innovative teaching methods to ensure students gain a deep understanding of the subjects. We have a commendable track record of achieving outstanding results in the NEET exam year after year, making us a reliable choice for students seeking to enhance their qualifications and pursue a successful medical career.

    Our Assistance

      Kings International Medical Academy places a strong emphasis on ensuring convenience for students, aiming to make their dreams come true and their journey smoother. To achieve this, we provide comprehensive assistance with various aspects, including

  • Visa processing
  • Assistance with documentation
  • Currency exchange
  • Ticket bookings
  • Post-departure assistance

  •   Our dedicated team is committed to supporting students throughout the process, making it easier for them to focus on their studies and pursue their aspirations without unnecessary stress.